Allergen Tracking & Nutritional Values
Get in line with the law - as smooth as possible.

Allergen information is becoming more and more important in the food industry. Have all the allergen information ready at all times, from ingredient to menu, on all devices, with the APIC Manager.

Support for EU allergens and many more

All the standardised EU allergens are considered in the software.

Deep allergen integration

If a certain ingredient contains allergens, the recipes and menus will show this as well. No matter how you combine them, the APIC Manager knows what allergens are included.

Import ingredients with allergen information

The APIC Manager allows you to import your ingredient lists from your supplier including allergen information!

Only relevant information

The software shows what allergen is included in one glance, no hassle required!

Import Nutritional Values

Nutritional value can be added to the ingredients to enable you to view the finest details.

Generate Complete Product Documents

Have all information available for every product, even to the finest details!

Visual First Attitude

A picture says more than a thousand words. Combine text with photos to have an exact overview of the allergen information.

Calculate Nutritional Values on Recipes

The APIC Manager combines all of the nutritional value data of single ingredients into a combined recipe.

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