In culinary terms, an add-on is an extra that restaurants can push, like side dishes, drinks, desserts, or appetizers. Add-ons also include toppings on pizza, pasta dishes, burgers, bowls, etc.

Application Programming Interface (API)

You can think of an API as a set of building blocks that enable data transmission between one software platform and another. In the hospitality industry, APIs are often used to extend the functionality of the point-of-sale system by connecting it with various software programs such as inventory management solutions, online ordering platforms, accounting tools, […]

Actual inventory

Actual inventory refers to the real inventory of a business when performing a count. This amount may differ from the business’s inventory record, which doesn’t factor in elements like inventory theft, wrong or missing receipts, or imprecise registration of items.

Actual food cost

Actual food cost is a restaurant’s food cost based on the food items sold during a specific period, but also taking into account food waste, imperfect portions, employee theft, and inventory and accounting errors. That’s why the actual food cost is always higher than just the cost of all separate ingredients.