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Cost of Goods Sold (CoGS)

The Cost of Goods Sold (CoGS) is a crucial aspect in the operation of any restaurant or food service business, as it determines how much money is spent on the ingredients needed to create each menu item. CoGS includes raw materials and all other components that go into making a dish, such as condiments and […]

Central reservation system (CRS)

A Central Reservation System (CRS) is a hotel software platform that provides businesses with essential data and streamlines the reservation process. It enables hotels to manage, update and track bookings in real-time, check availability, set competitive rates, and accurately assess inventory levels. The CRS acts as the foundation of any successful hospitality business, significantly improving […]

Central kitchen (also called central production unit or CPU)

A central kitchen, also known as a central production unit (CPU) or multi-location restaurant, is a space dedicated to the consolidation of multiple kitchens’ operations. By consolidating activities within one facility, businesses are able to save on staff and food costs while optimizing efficiency. In a CPU, meal components or dishes are prepared and then […]

Critical Control Point (CCP)

Critical Control Points (CCPs) are essential steps in the food production process that must be taken in order to prevent, reduce, or eliminate any potential food safety hazards. Examples of such CCPs include cooking, chilling, fermenting, drying, and pasteurizing. These CCPs are a necessary part of an HACCP quality system, which outlines the processes that […]