Dark kitchen cloud kitchen ghost kitchen

A dark kitchen is a food production unit built exclusively for, and optimised for, food delivery. There is no dine-in area. Although some dark kitchen operators, albeit very few, operate a hybrid model where they also offer takeaway meals directly to customers, the vast majority only receive drivers from the various delivery platforms. Dark kitchens […]

Digital transformation

Digital transformation is the integration of digital technologies into a business to fundamentally change business processes and flows. The goal of digital transformation typically is increased operational efficiency, enhanced customer experiences, and, ultimately, improved profitability.

Delivery aggregator

A delivery aggregator offers a marketplace where consumers can browse through stores or restaurants, look at menus or products, place an order, and have orders delivered to their homes. Delivery aggregators also often fulfill delivery for the businesses in their marketplace. Major players in the food industry include Uber Eats, Deliveroo, Just Eat Takeaway, Delivery […]

Dietary reference values (DRV)

Dietary reference values are nutritional requirements developed by the European Food Safety Authority to support public health. This set of nutritional values tells adults how many energy sources, salts, vitamins, proteins, and minerals their diet should contain to stay healthy. Food operators can use these DRVs to assess the nutritional value of their menu.

Days’ Sales in Inventory (DSI)

The Days’ Sales in Inventory indicates the average time it takes an organization to turn inventory into sales. Put more simply, the DSI tells you how many days on average your inventory sits on the shelves. It also indicates how long your current inventory will last. The Days’ Sales in Inventory helps businesses keep track […]