Virtual brand franchise

A virtual brand franchise, or virtual franchise, in the foodservice industry, is a company, usually a food tech company, that develops virtual brands and offers them to foodservice establishments such as (hotel) restaurants or catering companies with extra capacity, the so-called host kitchens, that want to launch themselves on the food delivery market. A virtual […]

Virtual brand

Virtual brands in the foodservice industry are food brands that are developed specifically for delivery. There is no physical restaurant, food truck or dine-in option whatsoever. The brands and their menus live exclusively on delivery platforms. Production happens either in a dark kitchen (aka ghost kitchen or cloud kitchen) run by the virtual brand developer […]

Vendor management

Vendor management is the ensemble of processes an organization uses to manage its vendors (also known as suppliers). It includes selecting vendors, negotiating contracts, controlling costs, and ensuring service deliverability. Vendor management is related to procurement management, and is considered to be a restaurant supply chain best practices. Vendor management can be beneficial to F&B […]