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Ancon Inventory Management Integration

Apicbase's integration with Ancon POS systems synchronises your restaurants' front and back of house, automating sales mix, inventory, profit and variance reports.

Close the gap between theoretical and actual food costs.

Forecast procurement needs for each restaurant location.

Identify stars and dogs to create popular & profitable menus.

Apicbase sales mix menu matrix

Get Real-Time POS Data Across Your Dashboards

No More Data Transfers

The sales numbers in your Ancon POS system automatically update your performance dashboards. So no more copying data from one Google Sheet to another.

Real-time Sales Mix

Apicbase fetches the sales numbers from Ancon and compares the data against the real costs of each menu item. Unprofitable or unpopular items have nowhere to hide.

Automated Inventory

Every sale recorded in the Ancon POS depletes stock in Apicbase down to the raw ingredients. You can instantly spot anomalies in the numbers and take corrective action to save your bottom line.

Automate Inventory Management

Each sale recorded in Ancon deducts your stock in Apicbase, giving you complete visibility into inventory across all your sites.

Sales Matrix

Your COGS and sales per item are combined in a single matrix to help you tune menus to perfection.

Automate inventory, simplify procurement

The integration with Ancon gives you an accurate insight into the inventory levels of each location. Items running out are automatically added to order lists. Send purchase orders directly to your suppliers.

Reduce Human Errors

The room for mistakes is reduced dramatically thanks to the integration with Ancon. Apicbase takes care of inventory management, analytics and procurement, allowing your staff to focus on the guest experience.

Save Time. Keep Staff Happy

Staff spends less time on tedious tasks like stock counts and sending purchase orders to suppliers. Apicbase provides easy to use tools in an intuïtive interface that your staff loves!

What is Ancon

Ancon POS is an innovative platform built for restaurants. Designed for both staff and guests.

Fast, reliable and intuitive. It has all the features a full-service Ala-carte restaurant needs, coupled with the speed and flexibility a fast food restaurant (QSR) needs. Boost sales and increase your profit margin with smart tools that help you increase your cut rate, turn tables faster and promote the menu items that make you the most money.


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Apicbase provides deep insight into our F&B management. The reports help us decide which menus to kill, how to optimise procedures and how to better deal with food cost. Apicbase allows us to build our business on reliable data.

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