EasyOrder Inventory Management Integration

Manage your restaurant more efficiently. Thanks to the EasyOrder integration, Apicbase automates your inventory management and simplifies purchasing.
EasyOrder inventory management

The single source of truth for your company’s food management.

Reduce manual actions. Automate workflows. Avoid errors. Save time.

Get crystal clear data. Oversee your entire operation.

What is EasyOrder

EasyOrder offers an all-inclusive digital storefront solution that uses all sales channels (web, app and kiosk) to build a loyal customer base.

It manages all digital interactions with customers while promoting the tailored, branded app of the restaurant. Integrated marketing and loyalty features allow quick service restaurants to nurture repeat customers so they order more, more often.

The usage of artificial intelligence helps restaurant owners to reach out to customers with relevant offerings in seconds, increasing revenue while making sure customers will want to order direct instead of using a third party platform.

EasyOrder is a plug-and-play digital storefront solution that is available for a fixed monthly fee, no commission costs.

Apicbase and EasyOrder are investigating the potential effect of using parameters like food cost and inventory levels from Apicbase and combining them with customer preferences from EasyOrder to determine the best possible, and most profitable reward to offer to a customer.

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Apicbase provides deep insight into our F&B flows. The reports help us decide which menus to kill, how to optimise procedures and how to better deal with food cost. Apicbase allows us to build our business on reliable data.

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