Formitable Partnership

Both Apicbase and Formitable are on the forefront of restaurant digitisation. Our partnership helps restaurant chains around the globe to become data-driven powerhouses.

What is Formitable

Formitable is an online booking platform created to help hospitality businesses to manage their online reservations and marketing campaigns via a customizable widget on the company’s website.

The solution integrates with various POS systems and third-party platforms (Google, Social Deal…) where guests can make reservations, allowing restaurant owners to handle table management, payments, reviews and generate reports.

The software enables administrators to push promotions or issue gift vouchers and capture guests' attention via pop-ups on the website.

Formidable collects all the data entered by the guest (dietary requirements, reviews and even guest spendings…), in one place. Thus, restaurant owners can offer a personalized online experience to their customers and increase their loyalty.

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Apicbase provides deep insight into our F&B management. The reports help us decide which menus to kill, how to optimise procedures and how to better deal with food cost. Apicbase allows us to build our business on reliable data.

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