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Smartendr Partnership

Both Apicbase and Smartendr are on the forefront of restaurant digitisation. Our partnership helps restaurant chains around the globe to become data-driven powerhouses.

What is Smartendr

Smartendr is a fast growing tech start-up from Belgium that helps the hospitality sector increase efficiency and provide relevant customer data insights through an easy AI & QR-based ordering application.

Smartendr app enables your customer to pass orders and pay for their meal directly at their table by scanning a QR code with their smartphone. Staff can then easily identify the order and serve their customer. As a result, the restaurant owner reduces workload, cuts staff costs and increases the personal connection with customers.

But Smartendr QR-ordering app goes further. It uses data, artificial intelligence and marketing tools to get even more out of your order app ! Restaurant brands are then able to customize their menu according to their customer's taste and set up more meaningful interaction with them.

What is the result ? Restaurant owners to generate maximum turnover at the lowest possible cost without compromising the customer's experience.

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Apicbase provides deep insight into our F&B management. The reports help us decide which menus to kill, how to optimise procedures and how to better deal with food cost. Apicbase allows us to build our business on reliable data.

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