Strobbo Labour Management

Run your restaurants efficiently. Strobbo's integration with Apicbase unites your labour and food costs in a dashboard, giving you direct access to CoGS and Gross Profits per unit.

Robust personnel planning with maximum flexibility.

Understand labour costs down to the minute.

Stay in control. No matter how many locations.

What is Strobbo

Strobbo is a platform that automates and simplifies planning in catering businesses. The software provides a custom-made schedule, which can be adjusted if necessary. It helps managers save time on planning and optimizing their workforce management.

Strobbo also provides all the information that your staff needs right in their hand. They can see their working hours directly via the app, answer open requests, report their availability and much more…

Strobbo also uses your data to help you manage your planning and revenue. It turns profitability, productivity, absenteeism and payroll into dashboards, so that you can get feedback and increase your profitability.

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Apicbase allows us to catch small errors before they snowball and turn into big issues.

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Executive Chef

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