VHC JONGENS Restaurant Procurement Software Integration

The integration that VHC JONGENS has with Apicbase automatically synchronises their prices with your product range. This means that your calculations of food costs and margins are always up-to-date and kitchen teams can order directly from the Apicbase at the agreed terms.

Real-time Ingredient Prices
Your menu and recipe costings are always up to date.

Order Directly From VHC JONGENS
Purchase only what you need, when you need it and avoid wasting food.

Digitalise Inventory Management
Keep intake in line with sales, track stock events and speed up counts.

Calculate Your KPIs with
Real-Time F&B Vendor Prices

Automated Food Cost And Margin Analyses

Your recipe and menu calculations are populated with live ingredient prices.

Keep On Top Of Supply Chain

Your ingredient lists in Apicbase are synchronised automatically with VHC JONGENS.

Prevent Order Mistakes

You can set limits on order volumes and categories and monitor procurement per restaurant.

Optimise F&B Deliveries To Your Restaurants

A thorough purchasing process and accurate inventory management are essential for your restaurant group's results. However, purchasing errors can be deceptive. They start small and pile up quietly. Thanks to Apicbase's integration with VHC JONGENS, your restaurants' purchasing and inventory management can be monitored end-to-end.

Order Directly From VHC JONGENS

The F&B purchasing software your kitchen teams use is integrated directly into the VHC JONGENS sales portal. Your employees can only order items and volumes that correspond with the terms and prices you negotiated.

Manage Delivery Schedules Per Location

Every day of the week, or just Tuesday and Saturday? You can set specific delivery days and minimum order quantities per location according to your agreements with VHC JONGENS.

Updated Product Range

The product range you purchase from VHC JONGENS is available in Apicbase. No transfers or exports are needed. Assortment changes are automatically synchronised.

Your Specific Prices

The ingredient prices you agreed with VHC JONGENS are automatically taken over and updated.

Fast Barcode Scanning

Apicbase instantly recognises the EAN or GTIN codes that VHC JONGENS provides. Use our barcode scanner app to speed up order intakes and stock counts for your kitchen teams.


VHC JONGENS serves the full breadth of the catering industry in (large) North Holland. The wholesaler aims to make the order and delivery as easy as possible for food services, so they can focus on your guests and business operations.



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We can follow a product through its entire flow, from procurement to inventory and sale. It has given us an in-depth understanding of the relationship between the three, allowing HQ to quickly intervene when something is wrong.

Tosca Eggenhuizen

Product Owner F&B Systems

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