Restaurant Inventory Software

Automatically reduce inventory stock levels in real time as soon as in-house and online orders are received.

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Automate your inventory. Get a grip on your restaurants’ profit margins.

Automatically depletes inventory levels

Automatically deplete inventory stock levels in real time whenever an in-house or online orders is received.

Optimize procurement with order suggestions

Review suggested orders based on sales forecasts, usage, and PAR levels.

Send orders to suppliers with one click

Send purchase orders to your vendors in one easy to use platform.

Get detailed inventory variance reports

Pull up inventory reports with ease and find for uncontrolled stock in seconds.

Real-time inventory levels

Keep inventory stocks levels for raw ingredients and nonfood items in real time with automated restaurant inventory tracking.

  • Reduce the amount of time spent on manual inventory tracking
  • Scan bar codes with the Apicbase App to quickly register order intakes
  • Minimize the time involved in creating purchase orders by setting PAR levels for each ingrediënt

Generate bills of materials & purchase orders

Turn BoMs into purchase orders for individual suppliers in one click. Inventory levels are automatically taken into account to determine the quantities your employees have to order.

  • Reduce the amount of time spent on purchase orders
  • Reduce errors thanks to order suggestions based on PAR levels or forecasts
  • Never over- or understock

Identify stars & dogs with ease

Understand sales numbers, revenue, prime costs, profit & margins. Find your cash cows and menu stars in a flash. Get a full breakdown of a menu in a single matrix.

  • Consolidate sales data and CoGS into 1 place and remove data silos
  • Optimize your menu's for maximum profitability

Digital Recipe Manager

Your central hub for recipe and menu development, armed with automated food costings, margin controls, nutri-calculations and allergen reporting.

  • Standardize recipes for menu items, calculate food costs, and monitor how changes impact future revenue
  • Store nutritional and allergen information at recipe level
  • Manage multiple locations. Assign ingredients, recipes, menus to specific units, brands or dark kitchen concepts.

Rolling out menus groupwide becomes a breeze

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Apicbase calculates the exact amounts we need to order for each outlet. I dare not say how many hours we’ve won, but it’s a lot.  

Fréderique van Alfen-Las

Project director Food and Beverages