One platform to manage your restaurant

A complete solution to manage the backend of your multi-site restaurant brand.

All-in-one Restaurant Management Software

A complete restaurant management solution. Designed for multi-site restaurants to keep your cost low and operations scalable!

Menu Engineering

A central hub for recipes, menus & data. Accessible groupwide.

Sales Analytics

Identify stars and duds. Develop profitable & popular products.

HACCP & Tasks

Comply with regulations. Plan & check tasks. Store reports.


Prevent waste & shortages. Monitor stock at every location.


Plan production, generate BOMs & monitor execution.


Monitor invoices, purchase orders and delivery notes.


Order what you need, when you need it. Nothing more.

Central Kitchen

Know what is going where. Track deliveries from cpu to stores.

Menu Planning

Plan ahead. Forecast today. Get p.o.’s, costs & production lists.

All the insights you need,
at your fingertips

Data Sharing

Workflows integrate on every level. Your recipes are the core data-set.

Scalable Platform

Apicbase is your restaurant-specific ERP. New locations have access to centralised knowledge.

Strong Insights

Get a deeper understanding of all the moving parts like sales, inventory & procurement. Improve efficiency.

Powerful APIs to Build Your Food Tech Ecosystem

Data is nothing, unless it is shared. We have developed a set of API’s that allow you to connect with the tech solutions you love.

Apicbase provides insight into our food flows. It helps us decide which menus to kill, how to optimise procedures and how to better deal with food cost. 

Rens Bekkers

Bright Kitchen

Create a recipe,
Build an empire