Apicbase is SOC II, Type 2 Compliant

Apicbase software meets the highest standards of data security, privacy, reliability, and operational excellence.

Maintaining data security across numerous locations is a significant concern for IT leaders in multi-unit restaurants and large-scale catering. Apicbase’s SOC II, Type 2 Compliance, directly tackles this issue. 

The compliance report assures that Apicbase has effective, proven systems for data protection, providing our customers with a reliable and secure data management solution for complex restaurant operations.

Apicbase works with some of the biggest companies in the restaurant industry. Compliance isn’t just about following rules; it’s about earning trust and maintaining a secure, fair environment for everyone.


Pieter Wellens
CTO & Co-founder Apicbase

What is SOC II, Type 2?

SOC II, Type 2 is a certification developed by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) that sets the highest standard for how companies manage and secure customer data. 

  • SOC stands for Service Organization Control. It’s a set of criteria designed to help service organisations, like cloud-based (SaaS) software companies, establish and follow strict information security policies and procedures.
  • SOC II is based on five “trust service principles”:
    • Security,
    • Availability, 
    • Processing integrity, 
    • Confidentiality, and 
    • Privacy. 

These principles ensure that a system is secure, available as promised, processes data accurately, keeps confidential information protected, and maintains the privacy of personal information.

  • There are two types of SOC II reports:
  • Type 1 focuses on the suitability of a company’s system design at a specific point in time 
  • Type 2 goes further. It assesses the operational effectiveness of those systems over a period, typically six months or more. This means that a company with SOC II, Type 2 compliance not only has good security practices in place but also consistently applies these practices over time.

We chose Apicbase because it is a SaaS solution that thinks with us in solving complex business challenges. It’s a strong partnership.

Tosca Eggenhuizen

How Apicbase Maintains Security Standards

Two independent ISO-certified companies monitor our systems.

  • Vanta is an automated compliance monitoring tool that continuously scans our systems and processes to ensure adherence to industry standards and best practices. It functions like a real-time compliance dashboard, offering insights into our security posture and identifying gaps or areas for improvement.
  • Insight Assurance steps in as an expert auditing partner, leveraging the extensive data gathered by Vanta. It conducts a detailed analysis, verifying the accuracy of Vanta’s findings and providing an independent assessment of our compliance status. This collaboration results in a nuanced understanding of Apicbase’s security and compliance landscape, enabling us to address vulnerabilities proactively and maintain a robust compliance framework.
apicbase trust compliance

Trust & Compliance Dashboard

Apicbase is committed to transparency. It is the basis for our customers’ trust in us and the long-term partnerships we enter into with them. 

We invite you to consult our Trust & Compliance dashboard. It is accessible to all online.

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