Demand Forecasting Software For Restaurant Chains and Catering

AI-Driven Demand Forecasting for Restaurants

Profitability depends on precision, not intuition. Create purchase orders that meet upcoming demand with unparalleled accuracy. No overstocks or shortages. Your stock is just right, every time, with Apicbase’s demand forecasting software.
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Benefits of Demand Forecasting

It feels like magic, but it's smart technology.
Our demand forecasting tool makes procurement effortless and error-free, even for employees with little experience.

Purchasing Precision

Orders to your suppliers are timely and accurate, regardless of staff experience.

Cut Waste and Food Costs

Reduce waste and save money by aligning your inventory with actual demand.

Error-proof Procurement Flow

Send purchase orders directly from Apicbase to your suppliers.

Boost Dish Margins

Each restaurant has perfect stock. This significantly increases profit per dish.

Order Perfection

The Right Ingredients,
in Exact Quantities, at the Right Time

Demand planning software unifies your food service operation’s supply chain into a single platform, ensuring a seamless, precise, and flexible procurement process for your restaurants.

AI-Driven Analysis

Smart analysis of daily sales per site to accurately predict future needs.

Set Safety Stock

Adjustable percentage of safety stock for each inventory item.

Real-time Inventory

Purchase orders reflect current inventory and outstanding orders.

Complete Procurement

Your entire ordering process in one place, from forecast to fulfilment.

Slash food costs and free up hours of staff time

AI-driven ordering prevents over-purchases and stock shortages. It frees your staff from error-prone spreadsheets, so they can manage restaurant stock with confidence.

Maximise Profits,
Minimise Waste

Cut costs and boost margins by precisely matching supply with customer demand.

Software that Scales with You

Real-time, reliable and consistent data for every new location is just a tap away.

Operational Efficiency

Procedures are everything. Assign user permissions, so you know who to talk to when action needs to be taken.

Competitive Advantage

When everybody zigs, you zag, because you see trends long before anyone else.

Integrated Procurement Flow

Apicbase connects your POS, inventories and suppliers for flawless procurement.

Demand Forecasting System For Restaurant Chains & Catering

Optimise your inventory and reduce waste with our advanced demand forecasting tool. Perfect for large-scale foodservice and restaurant operations seeking significant savings.

We’ve achieved a weekly food cost saving of 3-4%, totalling an 18% reduction overall. I advise my team to start each day with Apicbase – it’s a game-changer, offering unparalleled control and freeing up mental space.

Fabio Haebel

Owner and CEO at Circus Kitchens