Ultimate Guide to Digital Transformation in the Restaurant & Foodservice Industry

Find out what digital transformation means for your restaurants and what it takes to move your organisation into an AI-driven F&B management future.

digital transformation in the restaurant industry

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digital transformation restaurant food industry

Draw accurate, actionable, and timely insights from integrated tech solutions

Artificial intelligence (AI) and related technologies are transforming the way F&B operators in restaurant chains, hotels, and catering businesses work.

Advanced analytics and forecasting… automated procurement… streamlined FoH operations… are shaking up rusty old KPIs and taking operational excellence to unexpected heights.

Think, a 25-75% reduction in food waste that translates to millions of dollars in savings… A fully automated supply chain… Accurate stock counts across dozens of different F&B service units (without time-consuming daily counts)… Streamlined allergen management ensuring ZERO food allergy incidents.

As compelling as these prospects are, the truth is that except for a handful of agile organisations (and a few ‘big brand’ pilot tests), the  foodservice industry is slow to take advantage of these new, cost-saving opportunities, especially for back of house operations.

The majority of F&B organisations (large chains in particular) still rely on expensive, error-riddled, and sluggish legacy processes.

Their digital strategy is nonexistent. This inertia puts YOU in a great position.

After you finish reading this guide on digital transformation, you’ll know exactly what a digital transformation would mean for your restaurants or foodservice business and how you can steer your organisation towards a future with AI-driven food and beverage management.