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[Free PDF] F&B Purchasing Guide For Multi-Unit Restaurants

In this e-book for the foodservice industry, you'll find proven tactics and guidelines to help restaurant managers make better purchasing decisions when ordering food and beverages.

Guide F&B purchasing in restaurants

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restaurant purchasing F&B purchasing cycle

Your goal is to maintain optimal inventory levels without overspending or wasting.

F&B purchasing errors & poor inventory management are the number #1 reason why restaurant operators struggle to keep their food cost percentage under control.

You might be a natural at sourcing and supplier negotiations, but be aware that they are only two parts of the procurement process. You have to optimise from start to finish, or procurement mistakes will pile up unnoticed. And they do go unnoticed. Especially when you run a food service business with multiple outlets.

Restaurant F&B purchasing (procurement) is an intentional, goal-oriented, and meticulously planned function concerned with search, selection, purchase, receipt, storage, use, and control of a business-vital commodity. The goal is to maintain optimal inventory levels without overspending or wasting.

Food and beverage purchasing is a process that leads you towards your goal, and that goal can be summarised as —> don’t run out, don’t waste, keep a lid on food costs.

The guidelines in this downloadable pdf are for restaurant managers, F&B managers and operations managers in a growing foodservice operation with multiple units, who want to focus on:

  • Getting the right product
  • With the right quality
  • For the right price
  • At the right time
  • From the right source