Food tech and the future: a collaborative night about innovation in the food industry

Food tech and the future: a collaborative night about innovation in the food industry

On Monday November 27th, we organised a collaborative night of culinary innovation. APICBASE and Bureau/Cuisine joined forces to organise a great evening about innovations in the culinary industry. Both APICBASE and Bureau/Cuisine are young companies dedicated to improve the culinary experience: APICBASE has done this with our own solutions (read about them all along this website) and Bureau/Cuisine has a great 3D printing tool to offer. 

Read along in case you missed this evening.

Digitalisation will rule the kitchen

Our CEO Carl was more than happy to introduce the attendees to the APIC Studio and APIC Kitchen Manager.

He explained the benefits of managing your kitchen more efficiently and the need to have a centralised database with all your recipes, ingredients, food cost, allergens, and so on. He shared some tips and tricks when using the APIC Kitchen Manager software and the attendees were very pleased to learn more about how they can innovate their company.

Of course he also explained the importance of a visual product portfolio and how this is made easy with the help of the APIC Studio and Media Manager.

It was great to notice quite a lot of interested parties!

3D Printed food: the future?

The evening took place in the beautiful renovated house of Bureau/Cuisine, a vibrant place for anyone involved with food, either in a professional or private way. It’s an inspiring place, dedicated to support creative food concepts. They offer a professional and fully equipped kitchen, flexible co-working spaces, meeting rooms and event spaces. It’s the perfect place to host an evening for those involved in the food sector.

Besides offering a wonderful location, Ilse, Mélanie and Annelies are also exploring the possibilities with 3D food printing. They showcased their 3D food printer and some creations made out of butter, meringue, butternut squash & celeriac puree, spirulina & beetroot, chocolate and goat cheese. Pretty impressive what they have already achieved in this early stage of their research.

And of course, there was food

An evening hosted for the food sector would not be complete without food. Thomas and Lara from Commotie made sure no one was hungry. On December 9th, they will open their second pop-up restaurant in Ghent. Make sure to book your table if you’re around!

Smoked sprat fillet marinated in dill oil, apple, celery,
sour cream, a powder of dill
(picture taken with the APIC Studio)
Fried black pudding with a cream of mango, mint
and a crumble of gingerbread
(picture taken with the APIC Studio)

If you would like to join us next time, keep an eye out on our Facebook, LinkedIn or Instagram account and/or subscribe for our newsletter!

Anneleen Hanssens

Anneleen Hanssens

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