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Apicbase is your single source of truth for food & beverage data with built-in automation.

Connect Golfmanager with Apicbase and get real-time inventory updates

Analyse inventory variance without spending hours in excel sheets.

Analyse your sales and get to know your stars & dogs

What is Golfmanager

Golfmanager has transformed and facilitated the way golf clubs manage their daily operations. It’s the leading 100% cloud-based software used by thousands of golf courses worldwide and it has recently been named an official partner of Oracle Hospitality.

Golfmanager offers the most intuitive, simple, and powerful all-in-one tool for digitization. It provides a customizable modular system to control the entire golf facility from any device, anywhere.

A golf club management software easy to integrate with accounting, analytics, tax tools, tour operators or marketing platforms.

Thousands of golf courses around the world have already digitized all their operations with Golfmanager.

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Apicbase provides deep insight into our F&B flows. The reports help us decide which menus to kill, how to optimise procedures and how to better deal with food cost. Apicbase allows us to build our business on reliable data.

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