NCR Aloha Inventory Management Integration

Apicbase's integration with NCR Aloha POS systems synchronises your restaurants' front and back of house, automating sales mix, inventory, profit and variance reports.

Close the gap between theoretical and actual food costs.

Forecast procurement needs for each restaurant location.

Identify stars and dogs to create popular & profitable menus.

Apicbase sales mix menu matrix

Get Real-Time POS Data Across Your Dashboards

No More Data Transfers

The sales numbers in your NCR Aloha POS system automatically update your performance dashboards. So no more copying data from one Google Sheet to another.

Real-time Sales Mix

Apicbase fetches the sales numbers from NCR Aloha and compares the data against the real costs of each menu item. Unprofitable or unpopular items have nowhere to hide.

Automated Inventory

Every sale recorded in the NCR Aloha POS depletes stock in Apicbase down to the raw ingredients. You can instantly spot anomalies in the numbers and take corrective action to save your bottom line.

Synchronise Front & Back of House. See The Big Picture

The integration of NCR Aloha with Apicbase is the backbone of your restaurant's operation and the basis of your tech ecosystem.

Break Trough The Silos

Datasilos are the bane of restaurant management and operations. When sales data is locked in your POS system, company wide performance insights remain untapped. Thanks to the NCR Aloha integration there are no silos, and your performance dashboards in Apicbase show you the big picture — in detail.

Keep Stock Lean & Mean

The integration with NCR Aloha gives you an accurate insight into the inventory levels of each location. Apicbase streamlines the purchasing process to prevent staff from accidentally overstocking or understocking.

Fewer Human Errors

The room for mistakes is reduced dramatically thanks to the integration with NCR Aloha. Apicbase takes care of F&B management, analytics and numbers crunching, allowing your staff to focus on the guest experience.

Save Time. Keep Staff Happy

Apicbase's integration with NCR Aloha unburdens your staff, both at HQ and on location, from cumbersome admin and endless spreadsheet updates, giving them back time to focus on what they love most.

What is NCR Aloha

NCR has been active in the hospitality industry for over 130 years and is the world leader in enterprise technology. NCR Aloha was developed to help restaurant owners make faster and smarter decisions.

The system works for a large variety of concepts as they have different packages with further optional features that can be included alongside them. Restaurant owners can thus have their ideal system that increases guest engagement, speed, and efficiency. With 24/7 hour customer support, restaurant owners can rest assured that they are being taken care of.

NCR Aloha seeks to better the customer experience through its effortless contactless technology and help generate a higher return on investment through real-time alerts that owners can use to keep track of their restaurants health at any time and place. Staff also will appreciate the system as NCR streamlines the serving process.

Getting a package that can fit any concept has never been easier.


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Apicbase provides deep insight into our F&B management. The reports help us decide which menus to kill, how to optimise procedures and how to better deal with food cost. Apicbase allows us to build our business on reliable data.

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