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Single Outlet Bundle

  • Product Development
  • Inventory
  • POS Integration
  • Procurement

More Than 100 Outlets?

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Feature Overview


  • Full Ingredient Database
  • Auto Allergen Tracking
  • Comprehensive Dietry Information
  • Nutri-Scoring
  • Associate Ingredients with Suppliers
  • Supplier Options for Packaging & Pricing
  • Recipe, Menus, Stock & Purchase Integration
  • Supplier Options for Packaging & Pricing
  • Multi-Outlet Management
  • Auto-Update Supplier Pricing


  • Easy Recipe Builder
  • Include Sub-Recipes
  • Full Technical Sheets
  • Food Cost Calculations
  • Margin Alerts
  • Profitability Checker
  • Dynamic Pricing
  • Food Allergen Tracking
  • Food Allergen Labelling
  • Nutritional Value Calculations
  • Nutritional Value Labelling
  • Nutri-Scoring
  • Printable Labels
  • Quick Share via QR, URL and API
  • Multi-Outlet Management
  • Staff Training: Step by Step Instructions
  • Staff Training: Visuals & Videos


  • Intuitive Menu Builder
  • Powerful Menu Engineering
  • Menu Cost Calculator
  • Recipe Cost Comparison
  • Profit Margin Calculator
  • Food Allergen Tracking
  • Food Allergen Labelling
  • Nutritional Value Calculations
  • Menubook & Templates
  • Quick Share via QR, API, URL & Print
  • Multi-Outlet Management

  • Stock Depletion Down to Raw Material
  • Status Reports
  • Value Reports
  • Inventory History Reports
  • Set Storage Locations
  • Stock Status Alerts
  • Multi-Outlet Management
  • Outlet Performance Comparison
  • Track Transfers Between Outlets
  • Waste Registration
  • Set Minimum Stock Values
  • Digital Stock Counts
  • Procurement Intergration
  • Create stockable (sub)recipes

  • Automated Bills of Materials
  • Supplier Integration
  • Auto-Update Supplier Pricing
  • Internal Ordering from Central Kitchen
  • Purchase Templates
  • Purchase to Par
  • Procurement Reports
  • Track & Trace Intake
  • Manage Suppliers
  • Manage Delivery
  • Set Order Limits
  • Multi-Outlet Management
  • POS Integration
  • Realtime Sales Reports
  • Revenue and Margin Checker
  • Identify Menu Stars & Cash Cows
  • Link PLU to Recipe Detail
  • Multi-Outlet Management
  • Compare Outlet Performance
  • Time Period Evaluation
  • Date Range Evaluation
  • Powerful Menu Engineering
  • Quick Data Exports

  • Task Organiser
  • HACCP Organiser
  • Assign Tasks to Individual Users
  • Schedule Duties
  • Multi-Outlet Management
  • User Sign Off on Tasks
  • Monitor Performance
  • Task Reports
  • HACCP Process Document
  • HACCP Audit Document
  • HACCP Schedule
  • Monitor HACCP-duties
  • HACCP Audit Reports

  • Mise en Place Organiser
  • Multi-Outlet Management
  • Assign Prep Tasks
  • Schedule Production
  • Production Instructions
  • Ingredient Checklists
  • User Sign off on Tasks
  • Time Tracking
  • Batch Code Recording
  • Performance Reports
  • Bill of Materials Integration
  • Inventory Integration
  • Integrated Procurement based on Menu Engineering Planning

Onboarding Success Packs

Get of to a great start with our onboarding success packs.

Recommended for

  • Single Outlet Bundle
  • DIY onboarding
  • Up to 20 outlets
  • With help from our Customer Success team via online trainings
  • 20+ Outlets
  • Full support of our customer success team




Starts From €1995


Onboarding Time

On Your Own Pace

1-3 Months

2-6 Months

Knowledge base

Online Academy

Webinars (live & recorded)

Chat support (weekdays, 9am - 5pm CET)

First 7 days

Email support (first response time)

3 Business Days

1 Business Day

4 Hours

Phone support (weekdays, 9am - 5pm CET)

During first 7 days

During first 180 days

Online Training

8 Hours

24 Hours

Customer Success Manager


Project Team

Optional (On demand)

Integrations Setup


Integrated POS, Suppliers, Personnel Planning, Allergen/Nutri Database

Project based

Data Import




Apicbase saves me hours of manual work in spreadsheets.

John King
Executive Chef for Penta Hotels Worldwide

Trusted by

+250 Outlets in more than 20 countries

Our Happy Customers

Apicbase saves me hours of manual work in spreadsheets. It allows me to roll out groupwide menus in no time.
John King
Executive Chef at Penta Hotels
I manage group-wide menus, tech sheets and execution from a single dashboard. It frees up so much time for me.
Julien Burlat
Head of Culinary Excellence at Zanier Hotel
It’s just so incredibly easy. One moment I’m creating and capturing. The next I’m evaluating the results with my development teams.
Morgan Clementson​
International Technical Advisor at Puratos
A single dashboard for cost management, inventory control and procurement is a joy. It gives me proper control over operations.
Etienne le Duc
Manager at Bunk Hotels, The Netherlands

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