Free Restaurant Food Inventory Template for Excel & Google Sheets

A strong grip on inventory helps to ensure financial stability. Download our food and beverage inventory spreadsheet for restaurants and take back control over your stock.

Download the Food Inventory Template

Why use a Restaurant Food Inventory Template?

To ensure profitability restaurants have to walk the thin line between overstocking and understocking. What you need is a bulletproof oversight of inventory status and value. 

A substancial part of your revenue is locked in perishable goods. Writing of unused stock directly bites into your bottom line. And if you didn’t stock enough, your sales take a dive.

Miscounts quickly end up costing you a lot of money. Especially, when you run a multi-unit restaurant operation, In that case you’ll be scaling the errors.

Our free restaurant food inventory list template contains all the stock counting formulas you need to take full control over food and beverage inventory. If you have just started to realize the importance of food inventory, this free Excel template for restaurant stockcounts is exactly what you need.

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F&B Stock Taking Couldn't Be Easier!

Use our Excel Food Inventory Template to make sure you have stock under control and that none of your outlets is losing money.

See the Effect of Restaurant Inventory on Your Profit Margin

Our restaurant food inventory Excel spreadsheet automatically calculates your gross profit margin and cost variance.

Always know the status of your restaurant inventory. Use accurate stock counts to create precise bills of materials and prevent overstocking with our free restaurant food inventory list Excel template and Google Sheet.

Have all your ingredients in one spreadsheet for easy monitoring. Add products on the go. 

Set a time period and target margin for each stock take and start counting.
The template includes sheets for opening stock, purchase log & closing stock
Get period summary of inventory with cost variance and gross profit margin.

Ready to Improve your F&B Inventory Management? Go Beyond Spreadsheets. Get the #1 Software!

Apicbase is the ultimate inventory management software and has an instant ROI. Have total control over restaurant stock without having to update spreadsheets or go through time-consuming stock counts. 

Benefits of Apicbase

  • Real-time inventory reports
  • Historic stock evolutions
  • Waste tracking
  • Purchase lists based on actual stock
  • Scale up to a full kitchen management system