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How To Franchise A Restaurant — Step By Step Playbook

Develop your franchise using a proven roadmap for franchisors.

Everything you should know before opening a restaurant franchise.

Who is this guide for?

The playbook is for restaurants with a couple of company-owned locations in their portfolio.

This guide shows you how successful franchisors in the fast-casual, full-service, QSR and virtual restaurant space have expanded their business through franchising.

In the past, only huge fast-food enterprises like McDonald’s, Subway, Taco Bell, Starbucks, Burger King, KFC, and Pizza Hut chose the franchise model to expand into new markets. Nowadays, many types of restaurants are franchises. 

If you too are about to take the plunge, this roadmap will make sure you land safely.

How to franchise a restaurant? What you'll learn:

“We're expanding rapidly. Our franchise partners are opening varying amounts of stores in four countries.”

Jay Greenslade, franchise operations manager, The Avocado Show

Is your F&B concept franchise ready?

With so many local and global players alike jumping on the franchising bandwagon, you’re wondering if your restaurant is eligible for franchising. 

That’s the first step. We’ll show you how to make it work and then take you through all other steps. 

7 Steps To Franchise Your Food Concept