Restaurant Management Software

7 modules to streamline and automate your kitchen workflows

Manage the entire back-of-house of your restaurant business in one app. Make data-driven decisions to optimise inventory, cost control, planning, procurement and profitability.

Go on! You’ll save time, optimize workflows,
minimize waste and grow profit.


Centralize Your Recipes

Your central hub for ingredients, recipes and menus, with automated food cost calculation, margin control and allergen checks. Accessible anywhere, anytime and on any device.

Procurement MODULE

Make Ordering Smart

Fly through your order routine thanks to ordering suggestions based on actual sales and current inventory status. Order with suppliers at the touch of a button.

Inventory MODULE

Be in Control of Inventory

Save time on inventory counts. Get a comprehensive overview of your stock. Connect with your POS to get live updates on stock status and stock value. Know what to order and when.
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Comply with Food Safety

You are always in line with HACCP regulations. Collect food safety records and securely store them in the cloud. Plan food safety checks and digitally monitor the execution of tasks.

Production MODULE

Organise Mise en Place

Get ready for next-level mise-on-place. Define the number of portions you need and receive a detailed list of tasks, including prep quantities. Track performance of your kitchen teams.


Create Profitable Menus

Your POS loves apicbase. Infuse your menu engineering with actual sales data and discover your most cost-effective and popular dishes. Insights into profitability are at your fingertips.


Train Efficiently

Bring your kitchen teams up to speed in no time. Add photos to your recipes, create stop motion videos and step by step guides for cooking and plating.

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