Kitchen Management Software
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Manage your Kitchen Efficiently. Right from the Cloud.

Store your intellectual property in a secure manner. Automate your recipe entry and minimise manual tasks. Gain visibility in what’s in your cook book and keep your recipes organized and secured so you can easily vary your menu with less work. That is the APICBASE way.

Bring Recipes Together
Get the most out of your IP.

Whether it is food cost, allergen control or nutritional values you’re after, your recipe database is one of the most overlooked, but vital elements of your business. Treat it right with software that actually knows how to treat it!

Margin Calculation

Easily import your ingredients, including their costs, directly from your supplier. Have all of your data instantly available!

The APIC Manager lets you adjust food costs per ingredient, per recipe or per menu, giving you all the freedom to have the correct margins.

By having a right idea about your food costs, margins are easy to determine. This is a huge time-saver!

Allergens & Nutritional Values

Allergen information is becoming more and more important in the food industry. Have all the allergen information ready at all times, on all devices, with the APIC Manager.

And with our API connected nutrition calculator, you get on top of calories as well.

Seeminglessly integrated with APIC Studio & Media Manager.

The goal of APICBASE is to enable food companies to manage their kitchen back-end visually. Get the most out of our APIC Kitchen Manager with APIC Studio & Media Manager.

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