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Food Costing Software

Keep Track of Food Cost and Optimize Your Bottom Line

Food costing software is the ultimate solution to ensure the profitability of your restaurants, giving you control over CoGS and resources to monitor the profit margins of individual menu items in real-time.

More reasons to love Apicbase

Manage Multiple Outlets

Centralize and optimize. Manage multiple outlets in one dashboard and keep track of performance. Attribute menus and recipes to specific outlets.

Accessible Anywhere

Your business at your fingertips. Count inventory on a tablet, look up sales statistics in a meeting or check orders while on the phone with a supplier.

Add Multiple Users

You are in control. Choose which team member has access to what information. Manage data entry and user rights.

Cloud Based Food Cost Software

Centralise recipes, menus, food cost, inventory, orders and sales analytics in one dashboard. Track performance of every outlet.

Real-time recipe costing

Apicbase aggregates the data and provides an instant recipe and menu cost calculation.

Manage recipes and yield

Engineer your portions. Make the yield per recipe just right. Always hit your menu profit targets.

Production time is key

Add precision to your metrics and SOPs with accurate production timings.

Menu margin calculation

The food costing app keeps track of the profitability all menu items in a single dashboard. Get notified of underperforming items.

Take shrinkage into account

The devil is in the details. Consider a percentage of ingredient wastage to fine-tune your financials.

The single source of truth for your F&B operations

Ensure consistency at every site. Everything your teams need to get the job done is available on a single platform, accessible from anywhere.

Never update spreadsheets ever again

Supplier prices change constantly. Keeping track of changes manually is impossible but real easy with recipe costing software.

Apicbase food cost software updates all the recipe and menu costings with the most recent ingredient prices. Updating spreadsheets is one more arduous task you can cross off your todo-list. Finally!

Negative Margins Have Nowhere to Hide

Are you absolutely sure each dish is hitting its target margin? By the time a menu goes live the food cost calculations are already outdated. Two months later there is no relevance to the menu-pricing whatsoever.

Apicbase food costing software highlights negative margins as soon as they crop up. So you can take action and secure profitability. That’s a big worry less!

Know When to Kill Your Darlings

Popular recipes that hardly make a profit are a backhanded compliment. Working hard and not making any money is no fun. Don’t sit around thinking about what to do.

Quickly identify the costly elements in your recipes and find opportunities to tweak ingredients. We are looking at you, edible flowers.

Cut Revenue Killers

Uncontrolled food waste, theft, over portioning.... are skyrocketing your food costs. Who knows how much revenue is lost by the time you notice something is wrong? Cross-checking ideal costs with actual costs is extremely time-consuming.

Not with Apicbase, the app compares ideal and actual costs automatically and lets you know when revenue is slipping away. Sit back and watch your revenue grow.

Understand the Effect of Changes Before They Go Live

Scared to take action even you feel it is necessary? Changing a single element might affect your entire cost structure. Fear no more. Play around with the dynamic pricing tool our food costing software and immediately see the effect of adjustments in costs, margins or price.

Evaluate changes in a safe environment and feel secure about your food cost choices before they go live.

Food Cost Software

"Apicbase instantly showed the recipes that didn't yield our target margin. After tweaking ingredients and portions, profitability grew by 11%."

Slash food cost & boost consistency across sites

No more manual calculations or spreadsheet updates

Changes are instantly reflected throughout the system.

Apicbase helps us streamline our back of house operations. It enables us to deliver a consistent product across sites and teams. And we remain in control of CoGS at any given time.

Julian Kirwan

Executive Chef

Take control of your CoGS.
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