Food Waste Hurts The Planet And Your Bottom Line.

Together We Can Fight It

Every kilo of food waste you save in your restaurants contributes to your bottom line and a lower carbon footprint. That's a cause worth fighting for.

Apicbase helps you prevent food waste with advanced menu, inventory and procurement technology.

The Amount Of Wasted Food Is Baffling

About 40% of all food that is produced never ends up on a plate. The restaurant and foodservice industry are responsible for 14% of the food waste numbers. It greatly strains our planet’s resources and affects your profitability. Studies show that the amount of wasted food is still increasing.

The good news: studies also show that reducing food waste pays off enormously, with an ROI of 700%.

It could already offset the 10% inflation if food service companies solved the food waste problem through better menu engineering and operational excellence.

Operations Director

1/3 of all food is wasted globally every year.

14% by restaurants and foodservice (Europe).

€1,35 per €15 revenue is lost.
(modest estimate)

€7 is gained for every euro invested
in food waste prevention.

These figures confirm what we have seen at IKEA: reducing food waste goes hand in hand with reducing costs. We’ve significantly reduced food waste by setting short-term, actionable goals. It’s a strategy everyone can do.

Managing Director at IKEA Food Services AB

How Much Is Food Waste Costing You Every Year?

Food waste puts pressure on your margins. On average, 14% of everything your restaurants produce gets wasted. That is a lot.

You Can Prevent Food Waste In Your Restaurants.

This is our solution.

Reducing food waste in foodservice comes down to managing three critical kitchen processes:

● inventory,
● purchasing and
● recipe development.

Apicbase helps your staff prepare purchase orders, count stock and create efficient menus. In turn, HQ has access to clear dashboards with the data to optimise internal workflows.

Inventory management

Close the gap between theoretical and actual stock, and monitor FIFO protocols. 


Forecast sales. Ensure staff orders only what is needed.

Recipe management

Be smart with ingredient choices, portion sizes and menu composition.

Fight Food Waste
With Apicbase.

Order exactly what each location needs and develop efficient menus that maximise resource utilisation. See the power of Apicbase in action.