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Secrets To Restaurant Success With Brett Smith of Planday

A software rollout across 134 restaurants. And you’re the CTO. The challenges are numerous: data synchronisation, ensuring scalability, staff training, logistics and the BIG C-word…

Change management. 

“We’ve always done it this way” is probably the most dangerous phrase in business.

And you’ll be hearing it most days until the new tech is able to prove itself.

Brett Smith helped 100s of CTOs, IT managers, operations managers, and restaurateurs navigate those challenges as VP of Customer Success at Planday.

She shares her insights and provides actionable advice on our podcast, The Food Service Growth Show, hosted by Carl Jacobs.

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The key to a successful tech implementation is threefold, says Brett:

👷‍♀️ Get a good Project Lead

New software is a huge business decision. Someone with project management skills, who is highly organised and knows how to calculate the ROI is needed to bring an implementation to fruition. 

🤝 Ensure Internal Buy-in

A digital strategy should be part of the business strategy. The whole company has to get behind the implementation, especially the leadership teams. All initiatives must work towards the same goal, avoiding duplication of effort or conflicting priorities.

🚀 Establish what Success Looks Like

Success looks different to everyone, so ask the room: what is success to you?

It can be: to lower costs, reduce errors, spend less time scheduling, or anything. Get those success statements from all stakeholders. And revisit them during implementation, so you don’t get sidetracked by tiny feature requests or other distractions.

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