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Secrets to Restaurant Success With Heidi Stirkkinen of Kotipizza Group

Heidi Stirkkinen, the powerhouse CEO of Kotipizza Group, Finland, unveils the secrets behind managing 280 franchisees and multiple restaurant concepts.

📈 The cornerstone of Kotipizza’s success “is our 2000 employees and the franchisees leading them.”

💡 Heidi’s Golden Rule: “The profitability of our partners is key. We are committed to being a responsible franchisor.”

🚀 A Glimpse into Kotipizza’s Empire:

  • Kotipizza: A 305-unit fast-casual chain.
  • The Social Burgerjoint: An emerging burger brand.
  • Helsinki Foodstock: It’s the backbone. This wholesale & Logistics company ensures franchisees are well-stocked with quality supplies at the best price.

🔥 Kotipizza’s Core Mission: “Our goal is to be Finland’s most beloved band.”

🥇 The Three Pillars of Success:

  • Franchisee Profitability: Owning the value chain, controlling customer experience, and ensuring franchisee profitability are paramount.
  • Guest Experience: A focus on in-house takeout and delivery. “75% of revenue comes from online orders, both delivery and takeout.” Kotipizza owns and manages the customer from start to finish.  
  • Franchisee Support: An open line of communication and ongoing dialogue are the lifelines of the franchise partnership. “They foster growth and innovation, and ensure everyone is on the same page.”

“A franchise is a partnership. Having an open line of communication is essential,” Heidi emphasises.

😮 Innovative Strategies:

  • Dynamic Pricing: “Delivery is cheaper during off-peak hours. It boosts sales of those dayparts, so our franchisees can maximise the potential of their fleet”, Heidi says. 
  • In-House IT: “The restaurant industry isn’t about food only any more. It’s also about data. Owing the data is essential to us”, Heidi says. 
  • Wholesale & Logistics: Kotipizza owns its supply chain, ensuring franchisees have access to the best quality at the best price. 

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