Secrets to Restaurant Success with Christian Brandt of Jagger and Otto Pizza

Scaling a fast-casual concept requires passion, precision, and persistence. 🍔🍕 Here’s how Christian turned a simple idea into a thriving burger and pizza group.

Christian Brandt is the visionary behind Jagger and Otto Pizza.

In the latest episode of The Food Service Growth Show, he shares the vision and strategy that allowed them to keep growing despite the tough economic climate.

🌟 Fast Facts

  • Jagger: A burger brand with 16 outlets in Copenhagen and Oslo.
  • Otto Pizza: A successful pizza concept with 7 outlets.
  • A combined total of nearly 30 outlets by year’s end.

🔑 Key Insights

  • Consistency in Quality: Inspired by giants like McDonald’s, Jagger focuses on consistent quality across all outlets, blending high-end culinary practices with fast-casual efficiency.
  • Organic and Sustainable Growth: Emphasising organic, locally-sourced ingredients, Christian’s approach is a testament to sustainable and responsible food service.
  • Customer-Centric Menu Development: With a diverse menu catering to various preferences, including vegan and vegetarian options, Jagger and Otto Pizza understand the evolving palate of their customers.
  • Strategic Expansion: Despite challenges, Christian’s strategic vision led to successful expansion beyond EU borders into Oslo.
  • Empowering Leadership: Christian’s leadership style empowers his team, fostering a culture of passion and dedication in every aspect of the business.

It’s about creating a place where people love to work, and customers love to visit.

Christian Brandt
Founder & CEO at Jagger


Christian’s journey to success is more than just about opening restaurants; it’s:

  • creating experiences,
  • nurturing talent, and
  • building a brand that resonates with both employees and customers.

👉 Listen to the full episode for a deep dive into the world of Jagger and Otto Pizza.

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