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Secrets to Restaurant Success with Michael Oettl of Hans im Glück

“Our franchisees are true entrepreneurs. They invest not just capital but their heart and soul into the business. This commitment is what drives them to go beyond the expected, to push boundaries where even the best employees might not”, says Franchising Director Michael Oettl. 

Those of you who, like Michael, have been in the trenches of restaurant franchising know that this level of commitment doesn’t come easy. 

In The Food Service Growth Show, Michael reveals the strategies that propelled the @Hans im Glück brand to new heights amidst challenging times.

We shifted our focus to an asset-light approach, prioritising franchising as our main expansion strategy.

Michael Oettl

Michael Oettl
Franchising Director at Hans im Glück

🌟 Fast Facts

  • Hans im Glück: A unique burger brand with 96 outlets across Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.
  • Rapid Expansion: Achieved significant growth since its inception in 2010.
  • Asset-Light Strategy: Focused on franchising for scalable growth.

🔑 Key Insights

  • Strategic Franchise Management: Michael emphasises a focused approach to franchising, ensuring rapid and sustainable expansion.
  • Brand Consistency vs. Local Adaptation: Hans im Glück maintains its fairy-tale theme and diverse menu while adapting to local tastes, striking a balance between brand identity and market preferences. “A restaurant in a cinema requires a different approach than a restaurant in the middle of a big city.”
  • Operational Excellence and Staffing: Michael highlights the importance of creating a positive work environment and the challenges in finding and retaining the right talent.
  • Menu Diversification and Inclusivity: Catering to various dietary needs, Hans im Glück’s menu strategy is inclusive, enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty. 
  • Innovative Leadership and Entrepreneurship: Encouraging an entrepreneurial spirit among franchise partners, Michael’s leadership has led to enhanced business performance and market penetration.
  • Adapting to Market Changes: Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, Hans im Glück continued its expansion, showcasing resilience and adaptability.
Podcast Michael Oettl Hans Im Gluck

👍 Conclusion

Michael Oettl’s journey with Hans im Glück is a testament to:

  • Mastering the art of strategic franchising,
  • Building a brand that resonates across different markets, and
  • Leading with innovation and adaptability.

👉 Tune in to the full episode for an in-depth exploration of Hans im Glück’s franchising success story.

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