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Secrets to Restaurant Success with Misa Järvinen of Restel, Taco Bell Finland

“We don’t just pass on higher costs to the customer. We closely track food costs and look for other solutions. It’s about delivering value without compromising on what our customers expect.”

Misa Järvinen
Head of Operations at Restel, Taco Bell Finland.

Misa is a food service operations maestro.

Her skill and passion ensure that the restaurants run like clockwork.

The proof? 15 years of experience working in fast casual dining and QSR.

Today Misa Järvinen is in charge of operations at Taco Bell Finland, operated by Restel Oy.

In The Food Service Growth Show, she talks about brand power and growth.

👀 Fast Facts about Taco Bell Finland

  • 17 locations: Taco Bell is expanding in Europe. Finland is the first Nordic country to welcome the brand.
  • Goals: Familiarise Europeans with Taco Bell’s offerings. Position tacos alongside hamburgers as a fast-food staple.

✨ Key Insights

  1. The Human Element: Taco Bell’s success hinges on its people. The brand’s strength lies in its crew and their connection with customers.
  2. Brand Alignment: Employees need the skills and a drive for excellent customer service.
  3. Leveraging Technology: Taco Bell leverages tech to streamline operations, allowing staff to focus on what matters.
  4. Feedback: Misa uses the feedback from staff and customers to continuously improve operations.
  5. Adapting to Local Preferences: Taco Bell maintains a global menu. Still, it adjusts for local tastes, like plant-based options in Finland, to align with dietary trends.
  6. Balancing Quality and Costs: Taco Bell faces changing food costs. Yet, it keeps menu prices stable. This shows a strong commitment to value and consistency.

“Success is about putting heart into every interaction”, Misa says.

🧪 Her focus on people, innovation, and quality, highlights Taco Bell’s strategy for success in a competitive industry.

Podcast Misa Jarvinen Taco Bell


💪 Misa started as a dishwasher and became a leader at Taco Bell, a global brand. Her path shows the power of passion, belief, and commitment to excellence in food service

👉 Discover how Taco Bell Finland updates the fast-food experience.

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