Why Dark Kitchens Are Revolutionizing The Delivery World?

Apicbase partner Rushour aggregates your online orders, allowing you to manage them from a single tablet. In this article, the RusHour team shares their views on the benefits of the so-called “Dark Kitchen” phenomenon.

You’ve probably already heard of the Dark Kitchen, haven’t you? Often perceived as a direct competition to “classic” restaurants, these two concepts are actually more and more complementary. Dark Kitchens are becoming more and more important in the restaurant business, so let’s take a look at the benefits:

Let’s get to the heart of the matter by tackling the financial aspect. The physical location of restaurants is an essential criterion. Being well placed to increase sales and awareness, seems to be the B-A BA of a good operation and performance. Thanks to Dark Kitchen and/or virtual brands, this is an element that no longer needs to be taken into consideration. Why? Because the delivery can be done from anywhere without having an influence on the number of orders.

So, the savings made on the physical location of the restaurant can be intelligently reinvested in communication and marketing to have an optimized visibility. Thanks to the different tools, the goal is to target and thus, reach a wider audience on delivery platforms.

Speaking of delivery platforms, we know that photos and ratings are decisive elements to be well ranked and get the best ID score. The delivery being the main consumption channel for the Dark Kitchen, the appreciations on the different platforms are therefore equal to the investment provided in them.

Fast, good, appetizing, visually pleasing, these are the characteristics on which customers (18 to 35 years old) base their ratings. This is partly due to the optimization of the kitchens that are set up to allow a significant profitability. How? By using the right equipment, such as the RusHour tablet. Indeed, they centralize all delivery platforms in one tablet and automate all your tasks (auto accept, auto print, stock management, menu management…).

This has a positive impact on the efficiency of the employees who work in a fully adapted environment:

  • 58% increase in productivity
  • 25% reduction in labor costs
  • 98% error reduction

The strong impact of the Dark Kitchen in the hospitality industry has been proven for a long time. The new technologies, social networks and other digital tools have strong effects on today’s customer. After the many difficulties of recent years, it is thus essential to know how to use all these tools, the Dark Kitchen are the proof.

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The RusHour team

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