Why we built APIC.

Here’s one of the main reasons why we started building APIC.

Every day around the globe, hundreds of thousands of chefs are working themselves to the bone to bring their best and most cherished dishes to the table of their clients. People come from (very) far to enjoy a meal that has been created out of a few pure ingredients and the creativity and skills of the chef. It’s a wonderful world, and in every city from east to west, somewhere, a chef is looking to take his clients on a special journey.

At APIC, we acknowledge this journey and admire it – yet we think it’s a pity that chefs work that hard to deliver such wonderful bits of food and at the end of the day they have no real overview, they miss an intelligible archive. 

For some, this seems to be part of the game, but for others (and we noticed a lot more then we thought), it should not stop there. Isn’t it regrettable that if you’re working as a chef for over ten years, you’ve barely something left?

That’s why we created APIC: for chefs to be able to capture their legacy. And to do so, we built our products in such a way that it is not invading the chef’s natural habitat, but smoothly integrating into it. It shouldn’t take more then a few seconds to take a good photo of your beloved creations. And it does not: the APIC.studio takes well lit images in a matter of seconds.

But what’s best of all, is that chefs who’ve used it, do not only capture their dishes, but they use it to capture their complete identity.

And we’d love to see what you can do with it! If you want to start building your legacy, visit our website at apicbase.com

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