Digital Transformation in the Hospitality Industry: Use these Change Management Solutions to Create a Digital Corporate Culture Geared Towards Growth

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Contrary to what you’ve been led to believe, upending your processes and investing in AI-driven FoH and BoH tech ARE NOT the home stretch of your digital transformation journey.  For a lot of F&B operators, these upgrades are the enablers of digital transformation. What’s missing is your driver — a digital company culture. This cultural […]

A Simple 3-Step Blueprint That Will Help You Activate Digital Transformation in Your F&B Operations

The #1 reason why businesses decide to pursue digital transformation (DT) is how much of an impact it has on the operational excellence of (hotel)restaurants, catering businesses and food and beverage management. Steered correctly, successfully digitising your food operation results in: streamlined & automated processes accurate business-building insights a 360-degree view of the entire operation […]

From Digitisation to Digital Transformation in the Restaurant and Foodservice Industry — How To Prepare For AI-Powered F&B Management

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Artificial intelligence (AI) and related technologies are transforming the way F&B operators in chains, hotels, and catering businesses work.  Advanced analytics and forecasting… automated procurement… streamlined FoH operations… you name it, tech companies (like Apicbase) are already working on it. The digital transformation of restaurants and foodservice businesses represents major advances for the industry, especially […]

How to Choose the Best Kitchen Management Software for Your Multi-Outlet Food Business

Kitchen management software

Kitchen management software comes in all shapes and sizes. It makes choosing the system that is right for you all the more complicated. In this post, we’ll help you narrow down the options.  Most successful food businesses are now multi-unit and multi-channel. That means you are collaborating with multiple stakeholders who each have their own […]

6 Restaurant Trends for 2020: Shaping the Future of the Industry

Trends in foodservice often turn out to be a fad – temporary and harmless. Remember the cronut – anyone? The trends that shape 2020 are a different kind of animal altogether. They are transforming the business to its core. This transformation isn’t new. The industry has been reinventing itself for some time now. 2020 will, […]

Press release: Belgian startup APICBASE collects expansion capital worth 700.000 Euros to accelerate European growth

Belgian food tech startup APICBASE.COM has collected 700.000 Euros (£615,000) in a financing round, led by Business Angels Network Flanders (BAN Flanders). APICBASE, co-founded by star chef Julien Burlat, develops cloud based software which allows professional kitchens to manage and optimize their processes from raw ingredient all the way to ready-to-serve dish. The startup will […]

Press Release: “Vlaamse startup APICBASE haalt 700.000 euro groeikapitaal op om Europese expansie te accelereren”

De Belgische food tech-startup APICBASE.COM heeft in een kapitaalronde 700.000 euro opgehaald, geleid door Business Angels Netwerk Vlaanderen (BAN Vlaanderen). APICBASE, onder meer opgericht door sterrenchef Julien Burlat, ontwikkelt een cloud software waarmee professionele keukens hun processen kunnen beheren en optimaliseren van ingrediënt tot afgewerkt menu. De startup zal het opgehaalde geld gebruiken om het […]