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7 Restaurant Industry Trends for 2024 – Shifts in Business Models and Operational Strategies Explained

The restaurant industry is transitioning from a static and predictable environment to a dynamic and innovative one. Let’s unravel the restaurant industry trends for 2024.   What is Going On?  For decades, customer expectations, business models, and business strategies in the restaurant industry haven’t changed much. Things were more or less predictable.  Today, the restaurant industry […]

Restaurant Expansion Strategy: How to Grow Your Concept Into a Foodservice Empire

grow restaurant business

You are running a couple of successful locations, and you’re working on a strategy to expand your restaurant business further. That is great. Working at scale has many advantages, ranging from more effective cost management to better employee retention. That said, managing 30, 90 or 170 locations is very different from running two restaurants. In fact, […]

Letter from the CEO: Restaurant Industry, Are You Resilient?

We dedicate all our resources to helping restaurants minimise food waste and maximise profits. This goal aligns with our vision that Apicbase as a company wants to contribute to a healthier planet and a healthier industry. That is why we are building the best F&B management platform in the world. We have invested millions in […]

Why Digitisation Is Complicating Decision-Making In Restaurants

Slapping on technology isn’t a magic fix.  It isn’t the antidote to the challenges of the restaurant industry. In fact, adding new tech can even complicate things more than it simplifies them.  Is this an odd statement coming from a tech CEO? Probably, but before you think I’ve lost my mind, allow me to explain.  […]

Secrets of Operational Excellence: How High-performing Restaurant Leaders Optimise Operations [and What They Do Differently]

As restaurants expand to multiple locations, the challenges operators face increase exponentially. They need to maintain consistency, provide excellent customer experience and optimise performance across a growing number of locations. Meanwhile, the market keeps changing at the speed of light.  Some business leaders navigate those challenges noticeably better than others.  In this article, I explore […]

Technology Strategies For Hotels Are Outdated—The Hospitality Industry Should Embrace A New Scalable Approach

Every article about technology for the hospitality industry seems to start with a similar statement.  It goes something like: ‘advanced software rapidly pushes hotels in a revolutionary new direction’, followed by long lists of solutions with headings such as: ‘Best systems for the hospitality industry [implement today!].’  Whether investing in so many different technologies makes […]