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Apicbase is essential for our expansion, plain and simple

Jay Greenslade

Franchise Operations Manager

Operation Size

11 locations
In the pipeline: 12 locations

Business type

Fast Casual Restaurant


Menu engineering
Inventory Management
Sales Analytics
Central Kitchen
Production Planning

Multiple Owned and Franchised Restaurants

The Avocado Show offers delicious dishes made with love from sustainable avocados. Even before the first restaurant had opened its doors, the brand already was an Instagram sensation thanks to its beautifully designed food. It’s a magnet for social media love.

But there is more to The Avocado Show than just pretty pictures. The concept is booming, and they are rapidly expanding across European cities and countries, both through their own locations and through franchise locations.

The menu engineering module offers a sharp insight into our profitability. At a glance, we can see which dishes we should promote, modify or discontinue.

Close the Gap between Theoretical and Actual Stock

Firstly, Jay had to solve the challenges of inventory management. He needed to prevent the restaurant teams from purchasing and producing more than they could sell. As a result, he was able to close the gap between actual and theoretical costs.

Secondly, he wanted to reduce operational chaos, both for HQ and the people on the floor. Management now has access to clean data to guide their decision-making, while the restaurant teams have powerful tools to speed up stock counts, production planning and procurement. 

Thirdly, he needed software that could integrate with the POS system. Each sale automatically updates the theoretical stock levels of the raw materials, thus avoiding errors in the purchase orders.

Everything is in one place and automatically updated.

From Chaos to Clean Data

When we asked Franchise Operations Manager Jay Greenslade what he loved about Apicbase, he broke it down into three essential benefits:

  1. Consistency. ‘As a franchise model consistency is key,’ says Jay. ‘Apicbase helps us to ensure that our dishes look and taste the same across all of our outlets, whether it’s in another country, in Europe or perhaps elsewhere when we expand even further.’

  2. Profitability. The second benefit is that Apicbase enables The Avocado Show to zoom in on stock variances. ‘That is super important for us, because it helps us to improve our profitability,’ Jay continues.

  3. Central Management. ‘I absolutely love the fact that Apicbase removes pretty much all paper and Excel spreadsheets from the business. Spreadsheets can be chaotic and difficult to manage. With Apicbase everything is in one place and automatically updated. It gives me a great overview of what’s going on in every outlet.’

Modules in Use

The Avocado Show ensures consistency across multiple locations while keeping tabs on inventory and avoiding chaos in its operations by using six off the shelve Apicbase modules.

Menu Engineering

A central hub for recipes, menus & data. Accessible groupwide.


Prevent waste & shortages. Monitor stock at every location.

Central Kitchen

Know what is going where. Track deliveries from cpu to stores.


Order what you need, when you need it. Nothing more.

Production Planning

Plan production, generate BOMs & monitor execution.

Sales Analytics

Identify stars and duds. Develop profitable & popular products.

Create a recipe,
Build an empire