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Secrets To Restaurant Success With Rasmus Christensen of Pico Pizza

Rasmus Christensen - Pico Pizza

“It’s great to take a product that has been around for ages and create something new that people love.” Rasmus Christensen – Pico Pizza

I’ve said it many times before: the best part of my job is interviewing inspiring people in food service.

Rasmus is no exception — hardworking, upbeat with a refreshing dose of humour (that photo :) ).

He told how he and Pico Pizza co-founder Lars Hylby developed the concept.

“We were looking for a product that was both scalable and high quality, without losing the cosy, casual atmosphere essential to the guest experience we had in mind.”

They came up with Pico pizza, a new dining experience around traditional sourdough pizzas. That’s awesome!

Pico pizza is about coming together with friends and family around delicious, high-quality dishes.

They more than deserve their spot in our article: ‘47 Scaling Restaurants In Scandinavia To Keep An Eye On (Because They Are Awesome)

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