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Biggest Caterer In The Netherlands Chooses Apicbase Software For Food Traceability

08/12/2022, Antwerp, Belgium – Vermaat Group, the leading foodservice company in the Netherlands, chooses Apicbase’s F&B management platform to help the group comply with food traceability regulations. 

The food traceability software, developed in close cooperation with Vermaat Group, speeds up the traceability process, removes paperwork and saves additional labour investment. 

Vermaat Group is the leading foodservice entrepreneur in the Netherlands, France and Germany. With a team of creative culinary professionals, they develop unique solutions for the hospitality, catering and retail market. 

Jan Wouter Kleinjan, CDO Vermaat Group: “We were delighted that Apicbase took on the challenge of developing traceability software for our production kitchen with high production volumes, across multiple clients. It was a great journey that resulted in a powerful solution.”

Apicbase’s mission is to build the world’s most intelligent F&B management platform, providing food service companies with the operational tools and business insights they need to scale consistently and profitably by improving quality and unburdening staff. 

Carl Jacobs, co-founder & CEO of Apicbase: “Large-scale production kitchens are experiencing increasing difficulties in tracking and documenting the movement of ingredients end-to-end. Not only because of the scale of production, but also because of the many online and offline channels they supply to. The traceability software removes that concern and gives users complete control over their supply chain and distribution.”  

Mark Snel, head of product at Vermaat Group: “We faced the complex challenge of setting up closed-loop traceability for our production kitchen. We needed full visibility of every ingredient our production kitchen: when and where it was used. This is a huge undertaking given our size, but Apicbase developed an efficient solution.”

The traceability software is designed for central production kitchens, large-scale catering and meal production companies that are required to follow traceability regulations.   

“Users only need to enter a lot number to know the history of the product. Apicbase shows supplier, delivery date, expiry date, number in stock, in which other products the ingredients were used and vice versa, and which customers they were delivered to and when.”

Pieter Wellens, co-founder & CTO of Apicbase: “We have developed a system of linked lot numbers. As a result, a user only needs to scan a product to know its entire history. Apicbase shows supplier, delivery date, expiry date, number in stock, in which other stocked products the ingredients were used, and vice versa, or to which customers they were delivered and when.”

Food traceability is the ability of a food company (e.g. a production kitchen) to track food through all stages of production, processing and distribution. This means that the movements of raw materials and (semi-)finished products can be traced back and forth at any point in the supply chain. Traceability is essential in the food industry to manage food safety and reduce product recall risks.

Apicbase’s traceability solution integrates seamlessly with other Apicbase solutions, such as inventory management and production planning. 

About Apicbase

Carl Jacobs & Pieter Wellens - Apicbase
Carl Jacobs, co-founder & CEO of Apicbase (left) and Pieter Wellens, co-founder & CTO of Apicbase

Apicbase is the backbone of multi-site restaurants, dark kitchens and large-scale catering. The F&B management platform integrates with POS systems, suppliers and accounting. This gives food companies full visibility into critical processes such as inventory, menu engineering, planning and traceability, and the associated costs. It enables f&b-driven operations to scale efficiently and operate profitably.

Contact details

For more information about Apicbase’s traceability software or to schedule an interview with CEO Carl Jacobs, please contact Geert Merckaert, [email protected]

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