Studio + Birdy + Manager

APICbase.com offers the perfect trio to capture your gastronomic creations. Start from a picture taken with the Studio + Birdy, then optimize your kitchen with all your recipes, menus and images in one place: the APIC Manager.

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Studio starts with a simple touch. And everything else is done for you

The APIC studio is a beautifully designed, very simple to use photo studio, especially designed to take the best pictures possible from food and withstand professional kitchen wear.

APIC studio

High Resolution Camera. Integrated.

The integrated Samsung camera is ready to use, out of the box. As opposed to other studio systems, there's no need to acquire an extra camera.

6x Optical Zoom.
Get the details straight.

Picture the whole dish, or just a detail. Thanks to the six time optical zoom, you can do both and retain full quality of pixels.

Square, Lanscape or Portrait. Take it the way you want.

You like APIC's original Square mode? Great! You'd rather go for the standard landscape mode? Perfect! Even magnum sized bottles fit.

Cloud Connected.
No need to fiddle.

The integrated Samsung camera is ready to use, out of the box.

Automatic Lighting. The perfect result - always.

We've come to the perfect match between camera and light. That's the secret of APIC.

No Hassle Set-up.
Ready in 1-2-3.

Just connect to Wi-Fi, enter your user details and you're ready to go!

Introducing Birdy. Add a whole new dimension.

The optional Birdy is a simple and nifty solution for anyone who likes to look at their pictures from a different point of view. Use it with a simple twist, just put the Studio on the platform and take bird's eye shots with a single touch. Birdy is compatible with all exisiting studios.

APIC studio
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Login to APIC Manager. Where the real documentation starts.

In your Manager at apicbase.com, all your images are stored in a central spot, private and ready for you to use them whenever you want. Either go for the basic Chef subscription, to organize your images, or for the Chef Pro, to document your recipes, menus and tag the images.


Categorize. Dish? Wine? Ingredient? Something else?

In APIC Manager, every category has it's own specifications. Just categorize your images into four pre-defined categories to allow for more specific information, because a dish needs different info then a bottle of wine.

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Share. When you're ready.

All images are private from the start, but when you're ready, you can just click the share button and share on apicbase.com, facebook, pinterest or twitter with a single click. Let your dishes be an inspiration to thousands of visitors every month.

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Add tags to images. Click and type - that easy.

In APIC Manager, all images can be tagged with ingredients - right on the image itself. This way, you can indicate what's on the dish in seconds. And when you're creating a recipe, just convert the tags to real ingredients. Dead easy.

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Recipe Manager. Create your digital recipe book.

The Recipe Manager is built to ensure optimal entry of information in as little time possible. Simply add ingredient 1 line at a time. Dito with preparation steps.

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Allergy for Allergens? Easy way out with the Allergen indicator.

Europe makes the rules. We provide the solution. Thanks to our Allergen module it's very easy to indicate per recipe which allergens are present.

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Build & Share Menus. Ready for use on your own website or digital menu card.

Use all information you put into menus on your own site thanks to our custom API and iFrame plugins.

Search & Find. Deeply integrated search engine

Find everything within your library by title, date, tag or album. Everywhere, every time.

Print. Every module has it's own print views.

All information is easily printable in different templates.

Public Image API. Share the images right on your own site.

Use the available iFrames or API Key to integrate the images in your personal website.

Centralised Storage

All images are safely stored on world class servers. Times 12 for backup. Never loose anything.

Create Albums

Create albums of images and dishes.

Download Images in High-Res

All images are ready to download in 72 and 300 dpi. Straight from the Manager. You can even download albums.

* Some features are only availble in the Manager Pro version.
Check the comparison table for a clear overview.

Serving the world's creative
chefs & companies

APIC is used by the best and most creative chefs and companies defining how gastronomy will look like tomorrow.

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What's Included?
APIC Studio
APIC Manager
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What's Included?
APIC Studio
APIC Birdy
APIC Manager
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What's Included?
APIC Studio
APIC Birdy
APIC Manager Pro
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What's Included?
APIC Studio
APIC Birdy
APIC Manager Pro
Enterprise Features
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High Quality Images

APIC Studio takes print-ready images of all your dishes, drinks, and about anything you wish to capture.

Cloud Connected

Thanks to its WiFi capability, the APIC Studio uploads your freshly taken images to your personal vault instantly.

Plug & Play

Turn on the studio, connect to WiFi, log in and play!

Personal Library

The easy to use, intuitive design of APIC Manager helps you to store all your recipes.

Social Marketing

Share your images on Social Media like Facebook and Twitter. Connect with customers.

Recipes & Wines

Save all your recipes and build your online wine catalogue. In a matter of minutes.