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F&B Management Platform For Multi-Site Operations

Manage Your Recipes, Purchasing, Inventory and Analytics All in One Place

Apicbase gives you the tools and data to drive operational excellence across your restaurants, so you can:

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Your Data-Driven Control Centre

Empower your teams with easy to use tools to increase efficiency and optimise costs

Operational Excellence

Deliver a seamless and consistent dining experience across all locations while driving organisational efficiency.

Reduce Costs

Be empowered to optimise resources, driving substantial cost savings and maintaining exemplary quality standards.

Food Safety

Integrate robust health and safety measures, enhancing the rigor of checks and control over food quality and safety.

Grow Sustainable

Adopt sustainable practices, manage waste efficiently, and make environmentally conscious sourcing decisions.

New: Measure, track & improve your carbon footprint

Apicbase calculates each ingredient's carbon impact and provides accurate reporting to help you achieve sustainability goals.

Designed for sustainable growth in food service

Apicbase is the backbone of your back of house operations, however large. It centralises all crucial F&B data and provides insights into processes that impact profitability, including menu engineering, inventory management, and procurement. Additionally, it helps to reduce the workload for staff and management through automation.

Apicbase is the only solution that connects recipes, inventory, purchasing and analytics.
Jolyn Schrama
Formula Manager

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