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Essential Restaurant Reports: Key Insights for Successful Operations

Restaurant Reports

Restaurant reports turn chaotic data into clear, digestible information. They allow you to compare performance across dishes, menus, and locations. Combined with restaurant analytics software, they allow you to uncover insights hidden in the raw data. You can dig into the details and get a high-level overview of performance, efficiency, and profitability. In this article, […]

Secrets to Restaurant Success with Peter Schimpl of L’Osteria, Germany 

Peter Schimpl - L'Osteria

I’ve listened to Peter’s episode three times in a row, and I’ll probably listen to it again on my way home later today.  His talk with Carl on The Food Service Growth Show is basically a template for the digital transformation of multi-site restaurant operations. Peter Schimpl is the VP of Digital & IT at […]

The Comprehensive Guide to Restaurant Back Office Software For Multi-site Operations

Having the best POS system and a constant flow of customers might seem like a sure path to success, but without proper back-of-house management, your restaurants have little chance of making real money.  Customers generate revenue, but effective back-of-house operations keep costs in check, ensuring that your restaurants are also profitable in the long term.  […]

Restaurant Automation: The Key to Back of House Efficiency 

Restaurant Automation - The Key to Back of House Efficiency

When thinking about restaurant automation, imagining a future where AI-powered androids shake cocktails and drones drop food deliveries through your skylight is fun. But automation in food service is much more than that. The 2024 Square Future of Restaurants report surveyed thousands of restaurant owners and customers across the United States, Canada, and the UK. […]

Back of House Restaurant Guide: Integrating FOH and BOH for Seamless Operations 

Restaurant back-of-house operations form the backbone of a restaurant’s success.  The back-of-house (or BOH) manages crucial elements that impact cost control and profitability. These include food production and inventory management. Additionally, the BOH handles food safety and restaurant administration. The back of the house supports the front of the house (FOH), enabling the customer-facing team […]

How to Maximise Your Restaurant Profit Margin: 5 Key Strategies

How to Maximise Your Restaurant Profit Margin_ 5 Key Strategies - Header

Understanding what influences your restaurant profit margin helps you assess the success of the business and make positive changes.  A slight improvement in your net profit makes a huge difference. It’s worth, therefore, investing in improving operations to boost your margin. In this guide, we’ll examine the definitions and calculations for different types of restaurant […]

Secrets to Restaurant Success with Simon Wanler of Bastard Burgers, Sweden

Simon Wanler - Bastard Burgers

Simon would be a successful leader in any industry. He has a sharp mind, clear vision, and drive. But that is not what makes him different. Many CEOs have those qualities. It is his self-awareness. He is confident but also aware of his limitations. And be bold in asking for help. Not everyone dares to […]

The Gastroflüsterer: Social Media Phenomenon and Restaurant Owner with a Mission

Kemal Üres is a successful hospitality entrepreneur in Germany with a huge online following.  As the Gastroflüsterer, he has a total of nearly 720,000 followers on social media. His fascinating videos get millions of views in German-speaking countries.  Gastroflüsterer is translated as ‘hospitality whisperer’. Through his alter ego, Kemal Üres helps other hospitality entrepreneurs. On […]

93 Restaurant Industry Statistics Every Food Service Operator Needs to Know in 2024

93+ Restaurant Industry Stats 2024 apicbase

2023 has been a challenging year for restaurant operators, caught as they were between rising food costs and labour shortages.  To give you the full picture of the positives and negatives of what lies ahead for 2024, we combed through dozens of recent industry reports and compiled a list of 93 restaurant industry statistics.  At […]