Which Restaurant Innovations Are Here To Stay

Which Restaurant Innovations Are Here To Stay

The restaurant industry is in full transformation.  It’s looking for new and better ways to handle changing customer preferences, rising food costs and crippling staff shortages.  What innovations will stick around when the air clears up again, and why? What Drives Innovation? It is not a pandemic. COVID-19 delivered a massive blow to restaurant and […]

How to Calculate Inventory PAR Levels

Tight inventory management is crucial to the profitability of any restaurant business, but it’s especially important for multi-outlet businesses, where mistakes and small discrepancies are multiplied many times over. If you’re uncertain about how much of each item you need to order, purchasing becomes an anxiety-inducing nightmare. But when you have reliable inventory information and […]

Restaurant Operations Management: Definition, Duties, and Use Cases  

Success for a waiter is in providing everything the customer needs while they barely notice what you are doing.  Similarly, restaurant operations management is about seamlessly making the whole operation work: facilitating an excellent customer experience, giving staff everything they need to do their jobs, and making the restaurant run smoothly and efficiently.  Read on […]

Restaurant COGS: How to Calculate, Control & Boost Profitability

Restaurateurs risk losing money on every sale when they don’t know their restaurant’s Cost of Goods Sold (COGS).  Effective cost management starts with understanding your COGS. This knowledge leads to better business decisions and higher profit margins. How? By controlling inventory and kitchen operations, you cut food waste and costs. Read on to discover: What […]

Secrets to Restaurant Success with Michael Oettl of Hans im Glück

“Our franchisees are true entrepreneurs. They invest not just capital but their heart and soul into the business. This commitment is what drives them to go beyond the expected, to push boundaries where even the best employees might not”, says Franchising Director Michael Oettl.  Those of you who, like Michael, have been in the trenches […]

What Is A Franchise Restaurant? — Benefits For Growing Food Brands

Creating a successful and profitable business is every restaurant operator’s goal.  If you run a thriving F&B business, your concept may offer opportunities to expand beyond your current locations. However, expanding your brand does present a challenge: to succeed, you need to invest plenty of time, resources, and capital.  The latter is the most significant […]

Secrets to Restaurant Success with Christian Brandt of Jagger and Otto Pizza

Scaling a fast-casual concept requires passion, precision, and persistence. 🍔🍕 Here’s how Christian turned a simple idea into a thriving burger and pizza group. Christian Brandt is the visionary behind Jagger and Otto Pizza. In the latest episode of The Food Service Growth Show, he shares the vision and strategy that allowed them to keep […]