5 Ways Technology Helps Structurally Reduce Operating Costs in Restaurants 

Margins in the restaurant sector are wafer-thin. That is no news, but a problem that has existed for years. What ís new, however, is that affordable new technologies are increasingly tipping the scales towards greater profitability.  Restaurateurs that want to strengthen their bottom line must be able to keep costs under control. The trouble is […]

47 Scaling Restaurants In Scandinavia To Keep An Eye On (Because They Are Awesome)

The hottest restaurant scene in Europe right now? Scandinavia.  Yes, you heard right.  You may not have noticed, but some brilliant restaurant chains and franchises are shaking up the dining culture of the Nordic countries, both with new concepts and by revamping old ones.  The level of quality, service and innovation is high. These restaurants […]

What Is A Central Production Kitchen, And Why Are Restaurant Brands Increasingly Adding Them To Their Operations?  

Multi-unit restaurant operators are increasingly shifting towards a business model with a central production kitchen. It helps them expand operations while keeping food quality consistent across locations and channels, and, equally important, keeping the overhead costs in balance. A major reason for this remarkable shift is that more and more restaurant companies are moving away […]