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15 Powerful Ways To Reduce Food Waste In Multi-Site Restaurants

Every report on food waste is a jaw-dropper. Food waste is a monumental problem with massive consequences. An estimated 32% of all food produced worldwide is lost or wasted from farm to fork (some reports even say between 40-50%).  This inefficiency has a gigantic economic, social and environmental impact. Let’s focus on the economy for […]

Secrets To Restaurant Success With Jonas Reinholdsson of O’Learys

“When you start, you need to believe in your idea. Give it your 100% and surround yourself with good people.” Jonas Reinholdsson, founder of O’Learys, scaled his restaurant from 1 to 130+ locations worldwide. Carl Jacobs, Apicbase’s CEO, sat down with Jonas to talk about how he built an enduring brand that lasted over three […]

Secrets To Restaurant Success With Brett Smith of Planday

A software rollout across 134 restaurants. And you’re the CTO. The challenges are numerous: data synchronisation, ensuring scalability, staff training, logistics and the BIG C-word… Change management.  “We’ve always done it this way” is probably the most dangerous phrase in business. And you’ll be hearing it most days until the new tech is able to […]

Secrets To Restaurant Success With Einar Örn Einarsson of Zócalo

“We are ready to expand into France, Spain, Belgium and the Netherlands.” Zócalo just turned 20 years, and the franchise is booming like never before. What’s the secret to their success? I asked CEO Einar Örn Einarsson. When Einar and his co-founder opened their first restaurant, they had no hospitality experience. “I had never even worked in a […]

German Restaurants Are Expanding: 57 Concepts You Should Know

While Germany has long been considered a country offering many traditional dishes, there are now an increasing number of restaurants popping up that are bringing new flavours to the table.  The country is a playground for hospitality entrepreneurs, and we have the proof: a round-up of the 57 expanding restaurant businesses with solid concepts and […]

Secrets To Restaurant Success With Jussi Laurila of Arnolds

Jussi Laurila - Arnolds

“The secret? It’s simple, I love food.” — Jussi Laurila, owner of Arnolds.   Talking to Jussi, is talking to a passionate man. He goes out of his way to share his great love of good food through the network of Arnolds coffee bars.   “I’m fanatical when it comes to flavours, ingredients and quality. You can call […]

Secrets To Restaurant Success With Alen Mansour of Mocca Deli

Alen Mansour - Mocca Deli

When three experienced hospitality brothers join forces, you can expect fireworks. Mocca deli is a place for all-day dining, drinking and enjoying life. It has everything that makes hospitality irresistible: great coffee, delicious food and every type of drink one can desire. Before Mocca Deli Tony, Salle and Alen Mansour were each working in their own corner of […]