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How to Calculate Food Cost? Formulas for Chefs and F&B managers

How to calculate food cost

Calculate food cost and boost profit; it is the first lesson anyone working in the restaurant business learns.  And rightly so. The average restaurant food cost percentage is between 28% and 32% of total food sales, with peaks up to 45%. That is enormous.  Nothing worse than working hard and not making any money, right? […]

Calorie Labelling Legislation UK — Everything Restaurant Operators Should Know

UK Calorie Labelling Legislation into effect as from April

From 6th April 2022, certain food businesses in England have to display the calorie content of the food they sell.  The new law regarding calorie information applies to large out of home businesses with more than 250 employees, including caterers, restaurants, cafés and takeaways.  The new measure is a weapon for the government’s fight against […]

Hospitality tech scale-up Apicbase raises €4M

ANTWERP/ AMSTERDAM, 19 May 2021 – Apicbase, the international hospitality tech scale-up, announces it raised 4 million euros in a Series A funding round led by Volta Ventures, along with early existing investors Newion, AAA Fund and Business Angels. The Belgian SaaS company, founded in 2017, develops a food & beverage management platform for hospitality and food businesses, and consistently delivers […]

StoreKit partners with world-leading F&B management platform Apicbase

StoreKit is the first UK reseller to earn a certification for the recently launched Apicbase reseller programme. StoreKit’s hospitality customers now have easy access to a world-leading F&B management platform. The StoreKit offer has grown extensively over the past years. Our mission is to help merchants build the perfect technology stack for their business. As […]

Restaurant Food Waste Management — How Smart Operators Drive Down Food Waste & Costs

According to a ReFED report from 2018, in the US, the foodservice industry generates around 11.4 million tonnes of restaurant food waste per year, which translates to $25 billion. In the UK, restaurant food waste clocks in at about one million tonnes (that’s £682 million). Both numbers are so mind-numbingly huge that they almost mean […]

5 Essential Restaurant Technologies to Future-Proof Your Business

restaurant technology

Never before has technology played such an important role in the running of a restaurant business. Whether you operate a single site or several locations, from EPoS to kitchen management platforms, there is restaurant tech out there to enhance every aspect of your hospitality business. In this article, we zero in on five essential restaurant […]

5 Restaurant Inventory Best Practices That Will Help You Run A Successful Operation

Start running a successful and profitable operation by adopting some well-known (and some top-secret) restaurant inventory best practices. They might take some getting used to but work at them until they start to feel like a second skin to you and your staff. And then watch in amazement as something complex, daunting, and time-consuming turns […]

Cocktail shaking robots in a bionic street food bar

Ice + Fries bionic street food bar in Iceland

ICE+FRIES, a new fast-casual concept bar in the heart of Reykjavik, the capital city of Iceland, opened this March and has been blowing minds ever since. This bionic bar is a place like no other, with cocktail shaking robots, a charming AI dog, top of the range Icelandic-fusion street food and a back-of-house that runs […]