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We use the Apicbase data to grow our business.

Nehme Darwiche


Operation Size

4 Locations & growing

Business type

Fast Casual


Product development, Procurement, Inventory, Sales Analytics

Meet Nehme Darwiche

With five hotels, two foodservice concepts, a host of outlets opened, and more on the way—Nehme Darwiche stands at the helm of solid group of emerging hospitality brands.

Quality and data

Two elements are essential to his business strategy: quality and data.

While other entrepreneurs seem to struggle with the combo, Nehme flawlessly marries a deep-rooted appreciation for traditional dishes with a data-driven approach to menu engineering.

The recipes for Beiruti, his growing chain of Lebanese restaurants, go back to the meals his grandmother used to make. Still, when scaling his restaurant operation, Nehme takes on a thoroughly modern approach. Business decisions are supported by accurate and continuously updated sales, food cost and procurement datasets.

Apicbase is Nehme Darwiche’s weapon of choice for f&b management.

In a competitive industry like ours, Apicbase is a must. It allows us to make rational and calculated decisions."

Modules in use

Beiruti gives its staff an edge using four off-the-shelve Apicbase modules.

Product Development

A central hub for recipes, menus & data. Accessible groupwide.


Prevent waste & shortages. Monitor stock at every location.


Order what you need, when you need it. Nothing more.

Sales Analytics

Identify stars and duds. Develop profitable & popular products.

Create a recipe,
Build an empire