5 Essential Restaurant Technologies to Future-Proof Your Business

restaurant technology

Never before has technology played such an important role in the running of a restaurant business. Whether you operate a single site or several locations, from EPoS to kitchen management platforms, there is restaurant tech out there to enhance every aspect of your hospitality business. In this article, we zero in on five essential restaurant […]

When to switch to restaurant management software?

when to switch to restaurant software checklist

Professional kitchens are digitizing rapidly. The big question is: when is the right time for you to invest in specialised kitchen software? When do you trade in Excel spreadsheets or pen and paper for automated food cost calculation, smart ordering and digital inventory? We talked to chefs, F&B managers and food service professionals and discovered […]

What we’ve learnt in Tel Aviv: 3 key takeaways

Belgian delegation takes on Tel Aviv. APICBASE joined the food & agri tech track. It is always to be seen if a trade mission generates the expected output. This time, we went to Tel Aviv, Israel, in the wake of a large Belgian delegation led by the vice-mayor of the city of Antwerp and organised […]