Staff Training
Bring everyone up to speed.

Staff training is a very time consuming process. By having all of the kitchen information available digitally and visually, staff training times will be reduced significantly - and quality will rise!

Detailed visual instructions

By providing both photos and textual guides, training your staff will be a breeze! These guides can be downloaded in Word format and printed to provide new staff all the information they need.

Online Slideshow possibility

Provide a full screen slideshow of all the required steps to prepare a recipe. This slideshow is automatically generated in our software when creating your recipe step by step.

Tag your ingredients

Simply click your photos to tag them with the right ingredients and show where certain ingredients are placed. Staff will know how to cook these recipes right away!

Front of the house or back in the kitchen

The APIC Manager software is available on any device, meaning that even during the busiest times, all staff can check allergens themselves very quickly.

Provide your staff with the latest info

Changed the amount of one ingredient in a certain recipe? Notify your staff digitally even before they arrive at work! Thanks to the cloud based system, all changes in recipes are immediately available those involved. 

Inform your team about allergens

Everyone in your team is always informed about all the possible allergens in the recipes. If certain ingredients change in a recipe, the allergen information is automatically updated.

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