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Food Management begins with good product managment

The unique Product Information Management Suite of APICBASE delivers exactly that. A thourough basis to perform all other tasks from. Managing your quality and profitability begins here.


Centrally Managed. De-centrally Used.

No work-arounds needed when storing your intellectual property in APIC Product. Just develop your recipes centrally and then unlock them for every outlet that requires them. Lock them for operational staff; unlock them for local chefs. The choice is yours: it's all supported right from APIC Product.

In-depth Food Cost Analysis

APIC Product provides deep knowledge on your food cost and production cost on ingredient, recipe and menu level. Compare and improve your margins in a few clicks.


Maintain Consistency

Maintaining consistency throughout your business is not just a matter of number: it's also a matter of training your staff to the best of their abilities. APIC Product is the world's only food management solution offering in depth Mise-en-Place and training possibilities, right from within the heart of the solution.

Food Labeling

Once the allergen information and nutritional values are verified on their purchase item level, APIC Product provides you with calculated values, no matter how many sub recipes or different weights and volumes were used. The result is a EU or US regulated label, indicating allergens and ordered ingredients with their available quantities. Even customised templates with your company's logo are possible.


Accessible online and offline.

Our solutions are build to work both online and offline. Enterprises installing touch screens in the kitchen can allow their staff to access detailed information digitally. Enterprises working offline in the kitchen can print beautifully designed templates containing all information necessary to get the best results. Time and again.