Image Copyright


Under what conditions can I use images from on my website/blog/magazine/…

Every image from and/or taken with the needs to be accompanied with the correct copyright information. This information can be found under the image when you browse to its detailed page. The APIC ( copyright needs to be clickable link to either or the image itself on When in doubt about correct copyright contact us.

Can I modify pictures from in my own publications?

It is allowed to modify images from in so far as they do not deteriorate quality nor give the impression of different copyright.
Examples of what is not allowed: Watermarks, embedding your own logo, embedding a url different than, …
Examples of what is allowed: cropping, optimizations for print, …
If the image is modified heavily (for example by applying filters), then the image should be accompanied not only by the link to but also stating ‘original image can be found at‘. When in doubt about correct copyright contact us.

Is it possible to receive high resolution images for use in my publications?

Yes! We love to work together with food reporters, bloggers, magazines, etc. and want to make sure you can use the highest quality images available. Just drop us an e-mail stating where and how you would like to use images.

Where do all these images come from?

All topshot images found at are taken by the, a compact, cloud connected photo studio designed for use in a professional kitchen. Find out more about

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Anneleen Hanssens, PR Office
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